Employee Spotlight - Almas Samano


Meet Almas Samano - Machine Operator, Second Nature Brands

Where were you born?I was born in Baghdad, Iraq.

How did you come to the United States? In 1979, we knew that there was going to be a war with Iran. I was young. My brother was just married. I left Iraq with my brother and his new wife and went to Turkey. In 1980, the war between Iraq and Iran started. We went from Turkey to Greece and stayed for a year and two months. Then, we went to the United States. God Bless America! We lived in Chicago, then Texas and then moved to Michigan in 1987.

When did you start working at Second Nature Brands?I started at Kar’s Nuts in 2001 when it was in Ferndale and then we moved to Madison Heights.  I love Nick Nicolay; he is a wonderful man. I started as a packer but now I am a machine operator! I love my job and I love the people.

What would you like to share about your Arab heritage? I love my country. People may not understand that there are differences, we are not all the same. There is Chaldean, Assyrian, Iraqi. I am Assyrian from Babylonia.

Do you have any favorite traditions or food from your Arab heritage?Dolmas. They are grape leaves stuffed with meat, rice, garlic. I like a lot of garlic. I also like biryani which is usually chicken, rice, and seasoning.