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Mayur Acharya

 Meet Mayur Acharya - Senior Research and Development Manager, Second Nature Brands

Where were you born?Junagadh, Gujarat, India which has a population of approximately 100,000. 

How did you come to the United States?  I came to the United States in 1999 and joined the Ph.D. program at South Dakota State University after receiving my Bachelors in Dairy Technology and Masters in Dairy Microbiology at Gujarat Agricultural University in India. 

What did you do after you graduated? I wasn’t planning on staying in the United States. Still, few months before I graduated, Blue Bunny Ice Cream in Iowa offered me a job which I joined as soon as I graduated and because it was such a great experience. I loved the people I worked with; I never felt the need to return to India. 

When did you start working at Second Nature Bands?I started working at Second Nature Brands in July 2020, and I could not be happier. The Second Nature Brands family is a great group of people, and I love this area. 

What appealed to you about working at Second Nature Brands?My Background is in Dairy Science and chocolate, and I wanted to expand my horizons. In addition, Kar’s Nuts and Sanders both started as family-owned companies, and it still feels like a family-owned company which I like.  And considering the aggressive growth goals the company has, I felt that I could bring some food R&D expertise and experience and be part of the team to help the company be successful.

Do you have any favorite traditional foods?  I am an average cook, but I like many traditional Indian foods, and I also love many American foods like Pizza and Pasta. However, after living in the United States for so many years, I have lost my tolerance for spicy food. When I go back to India, my family has to make my food very mild compared to how they would normally make it, and they take every opportunity to make fun of me for that…😊

Is there anything else you would like to share about your heritage? My state has always been a dry state (no alcohol) because it is the birthplace of Mohandas Gandhi, who was opposed to drinking alcohol. To this day, there is no buying or selling of alcohol there. I didn’t have my first taste of alcohol until I was 26. The other unique thing about my state is that a large number of its people are vegetarian.  I am still vegetarian and have been since birth.